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Welcome to the official website of TCBoA

Starting out around November 1999 in Brisbane as half a dozen, mostly local, coil enthusiasts now supports approximately 50 members all around Australia, New Zealand and all around the world.

From the Administrator:

After such a long period of absence from the wide world web, I am proud to announce the unveiling of the new website...and this time, it will work exactly as I originally wanted it, there's no doubt about the reliability of the server and the domain is registered/hosted for another 2 years yet!!

I've got many many ideas that I would like to incorporate into this new site however I am always open to suggestions from members with regards to services and presentation etc.

I would also like to mention, (although it's still in it's infancy planning stages) the possibility of a Tesla "meet 'n' greet"/mini Tesla-thon sometime in Sydney and perhaps Brisbane.  Obviously a date, venue and possible attendance numbers would need to be organised beforehand - but I thought I might as well put the feelers out into the group and see the response.  Please email me or send through an email to register your interest and/or have suggestions for venues, dates etc.

Happy and Safe Coiling to you all,
Kylii Davies
TCBoA Administrator

Site Updates:

02/12/2004 - Few small cosmetic changes before uploading to the new server.  Added a 'donation' feature to the Contact Us page in the hope to perhaps generate funding for various TCBoA projects as well as the new hosting etc.  Members are encouraged to contribute even the smallest amount to help keep TCBoA alive.  We have been running for the past 5 years on an oily rag and if we want to keep going we need the funding.  The new '"embers' only section" of the site is still being re-worked and re-written, hopefully in the New Year everything will start to come together and run smoothly. 

08/11/2004 - Finally got the advertisements underway to hopefully generate some funds for the TCBoA to go towards the Tesla-thon and other projects.  Members are asked to check out the ads in case they hold some information on parts or tips on how to build coils that could be of interest to others.  Speaking of, yes I know I said I hoped to have a Tesla-thon this year, but with the way things have been the past 2 months it has been a little hard.  Not to mention the new website schedule has been put off for a while.  This is due to some technical difficulties with the new layout.  Bear with me guys, this will be up and running soon.

20/05/2004 - New server, new website, new directions TCBoA will be venturing into - I must say it's turning out rather nicely.  Some sections are still a work in progress, but I'll be working on them over the next few weeks.  We have near unlimited webspace so fee free to send me any and all of your photos (preferably with a little description of what they are) and they will be posted in a jiffy.  Other than that all I can really add is that I'm very excited to have this all up and running again.  More news on the Tesla-thon and other events as it becomes available - updates will be posted on the message board so if you haven't already I would suggest you subscribe to it using the box provided in the navigation bar.

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