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The Tesla Coil Builders of Australia (TCBoA) essentially started as a inquisitive interest in lightning and electricity.  With some help from a relative who was also involved with coils, we managed to build one from scratch in a week.  This was presented to my year 9 science teachers at part of my final science project for the term.  Understandably the school was wary of having such a device that could create 1.4 million volts of electricity sitting in a classroom all day (we had our annual sports day so no one had access to the rooms) while delegates from the QLD Centre for Advanced Technologies visited and judged all the assignments in 4 categories - mine being Models.  Not particularly surprising that I had received one of the highest marks in the grade and took out first prize in that category and ever since I was destined to continue studies in the areas of physics and science.

Still with the aid of my relatives and Tesla Technology Australia (a small Tesla/special effects company set up by my uncle some years earlier), I read extensively into the life and achievements of Nikola Tesla and subsequently went on to study physics and chemistry in my senior years of high school.  I found a couple of friends who also were fascinated by the Tesla's work and TCBoA was born.

Initially the 'feelers' were put out into the world wide web to see if there were more coilers out there willing to join, chat and hang out with fellow coilers and share information about the do's and don'ts of coiling.  Off hand I can remember starting with about a dozen members subscribing to our then monthly newsletter with hints and tips supplied by our resident expert (and main sponsor) Rodney from Tesla Technology Australia.  It was arranged to have a get-together of the then members on a monthly basis to which was also reported in the newsletter to which several people turned out for, including one of our longest standing members Paul Arrowsmith from the Gold Coast.

After these initial meetings, I was caught up in the turmoil that is senior at high school.  Much of the TCBoA activity was reduced purely on my concentration on graduation and getting into university.  Admittedly due to the withdrawal of support from Tesla Technology Australia and heavy workload that was required of me in my course and family life - TCBoA took the back burner.  However the message board on eGroups.com remained active (with Paul's help) and recently has been the pinnacle turning point of my ambition of a new website, various member services and the possibility of upcoming events etc to which TCBoA is now thriving.  I can only hope that from here things can only get bigger, better and fun for all.

Kylii Davies

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